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Winthrop is host to hundreds of meetings and events each year.   When planning a meeting or and event, there are several considerations that will reduce its impact to human and natural systems.  

When planning a meeting or event . . .

  • Consider hosting a paperless event or meeting
  • Advertise meeting on electronic sign boards or social media to limit paper signage
  • Request organic or locally sourced food ingredients
  • Look for products made with recycled content
  • Purchase items that are easily recycled or reusable
  • Avoid using single use items (polystyrene, water bottles, straws, paper cups, etc.)
  • If swag is provided to attendees, consider items that are durable for long-term use - avoid single use swag
  • Consider web based meeting programs rather than face to face meetings
  • Discourage balloon releases (latex and/or metallic) because of risks to wildlife and the litter they create

During the meeting . . . 

  • Project agenda and take notes electronically
  • Limit use of printed material by sending information electronically before and after meeting
  • Turn light off if meeting space is naturally lit

After the meeting . . .

  • Turn off lights and electronic equipment
  • Double check that all exterior doors and windows are closed
  • Dispose of all waste and recycling properly
  • Share notes electronically 

Contact the Sustainability Office for assistance organizing an event that brings awareness to any environmental and/or social issues.

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Last Updated: 10/23/19