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Office of Sustainability

Facilities & Operations 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any "green" buildings on campus?

Yes. The Lois Rhame West Center is a LEED-certified building. In spite of the historic nature of campus and its buildings, efforts are made to green-up buildings during renovations. 

FAQ - West Center

How do I know what initiative is sustainable?

Across campus, use of the Sustainability Initiatives logo will identify sustainability initiatives specific to Winthrop University.

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How is dining services doing its part to be more sustainable?

Winthrop Dining Services is contracted through Sodexo. Special emphasis is given to sustainable initiatives.

Is there a no-idling policy on campus?

Yes. The Vehicle No Idling Policy applies to employees and students using personal or Winthrop University gasoline, diesel powered passenger vehicles, and light trucks. Vehicles should be turned off if idling more than 30 seconds. Larger diesel vehicles operating under a heavy load should be allowed to idle for 3 minutes to cool down. Vehicles should not be left running while unattended. The operator of the vehicle/equipment should turn off the unit and remove the keys from the ignition. Visitors to campus, including buses and contractor/vendor vehicles, are subject to the same policy as employees and students and will be asked to comply.

The campus is beautiful. What kinds of sustainable initiatives influence landscaping and grounds maintenance on campus?

Winthrop University uses mulch from our mulching operation in the greenhouses for hanging baskets, plants, and flower beds. Additionally, we plant native species plants as much as possible that are already adjusted to the area's rainfall to avoid having to water plants.

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Last Updated: 8/5/19