Council of Student Leaders

As the student body's voice, the Council of Student Leaders (CSL) is committed to Winthrop University and our extended community by appreciating diversity and encouraging unity. In 2011, the CSL amended the dedication for excellence to include environmental responsibility, "I will recognize the importance of environmental stewardship and will acknowledge the ecological and aesthetic consequences of my actions for future generations."

For any student who wants to become a leader that promotes sustainability, there are several opportunities to do so:

  • Attend an event that focuses on a topic related to advancing economic vitality, ecological integrity, and social welfare.
  • Student organizations can offer many opportunities for students to advance economic vitality, ecological integrity, and social welfare. Student organizations can be innovative in their approach to proposing and/or promoting sustainable initiatives on Winthrop's campus. We encourage any student organization to sponsor one or two events each semester that focuses on one or more aspects of sustainability. Do not know where to begin? Contact us and we will help to provide some direction.
  • Enroll in the Introduction to Sustainability course (SUST102), currently offered during the spring semester. This course examines sustainability and carefully analyzes how social, economic, and environmental issues are interconnected and is required for the Sustainability Minor.
  • Join a student group such as Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) or Environmentally Conscious Organization (ECO) that focuses on educating the community about unsustainable practices and grassroots efforts to move us to a more sustainable future.
  • To keep up with us and read about a variety of sustainability topics, follow the Office of Sustainability on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.