Close Scholars Program

Application & Selection Process

Step 1: Complete the Online Application

  • Fill out the online application thoroughly
  • WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUR FACES: Applicants must upload a photo (a recent head and shoulders picture)
  • A key portion of the application are essay questions
  • Applicants should type essay responses in a Word document and paste into the online application
  • Essay Prompt is as follows:
      • Describe how community service involvement has affected you and why you find it important to continue in your college years and beyond. Be specific about some of the past service projects in which you have participated. If you have limited community involvement, describe why you think service is important and how it will play a part in your future (150-300 words)

Step 2: References

  • Applicants must provide contact information for one professional reference
  • References must write an online reference letter for you that highlights your strengths, weaknesses, and why you would be an ideal scholar for our program
  • Please contact your reference prior to submitting your application to ensure he/she is willing and can meet the deadline
  • Note: Reference letters must be submitted along with your application. All information is submitted together

Step 3: Interview

  • 25-30 applicants will be selected for an interview with advisors and current Close Scholars
  • Advisors will evaluate skills and suitability for the scholarship
  • At the completion of individual interviews, successful candidates will be notified of decisions

Step 4: Selected Scholars

  • New Close Scholars must have obtained primary site by August 2, 2021  

Close Scholars Selection Timeline

Application Deadline

April 2, 11:59 pm

Application Review

April 5 – 16, 2021

Close Scholars Finalist Interviews 

April 19 – 23, 2021

Selection Notifications

Week of April 26