International Non-Degree Applicants Admission Requirements

1. Application: All international graduate applicants must submit an online application and non-refundable application fee to Graduate Studies. Paper applications are only available upon request in the Graduate Studies office.  

Applications for admission of prospective international applicants must be completed by April 15 or September 15 for registration in the fall or spring semester, respectively.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must have all official test scores, transcripts, and transcript evaluations sent DIRECTLY from the issuing institution or agency. 

2. Transcript Evaluations: Applicants are required to have international coursework evaluated by an independent evaluation service; a course by course evaluation is required and the official report must be sent to us directly from the evaluation service. Applicants may choose any evaluation service that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). For coursework completed outside of the U.S., the international transcript evaluation is sufficient; we do not also need the official transcript directly from the school. Read more information about transcript evaluations.

3. Official U.S. Transcripts: If any undergraduate or graduate coursework was completed in the U.S., those official transcripts must be sent directly to Graduate Studies from the issuing institution(s). 

4. English Language Proficiency: All international graduate applicants must present an official TOEFL score of at least 550 on the paper-based test or 79 on the internet based test, an IELTS score of at least 6 (6.5 for the MBA program), a Duolingo English Test score of at least 100, or successful completion of level 112 of the Intensive English for Academic Purposes Program from an English Language School (ELS) center. Applicants who take the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo test must have the official score report sent to Graduate Studies directly from the testing service. Applicants who complete the ELS program must have an official Certificate of Completion and Academic Report sent to Graduate Studies from the ELS center

Additional Documents Required after admittance:

Financial and Bank Statement:  A certified financial statement indicating the applicant's ability to pay for expenses incurred as a student and an original/official bank statement no more than six months old at the time of registration must be submitted to the International Center in order to obtain the I-20 Visa. In certain cases, advance payment of tuition and fees may be required.
Health Insurance and Immunization Form:  Because all medical and dental treatment in the USA is private and very expensive, it is very important that everyone has insurance.  Winthrop University requires all international students, and their dependents, to maintain health insurance.  All major universities have a similar requirement.  The Winthrop University Student Health Insurance Plan ("Health Plan") insures the student against major expenses accompanying an accident, illness or hospitalization. Information regarding purchasing insurance is available from Health Services and the International Center during the International Student Orientation.  All international students are required to submit a medical form, with complete immunization records, to Health Services prior to registering for classes.

Graduate Non-Degree Status

Admission as a graduate non-degree student in no way guarantees subsequent admission into a graduate degree program. Students classified as graduate non-degree who later elect to pursue a degree program must have their credentials evaluated for admission to the program. Non-degree students who are seeking admission to a graduate degree program may take no more than 12 semester hours of graduate credit at Winthrop prior to being admitted to a graduate degree program. Should the student subsequently be admitted to a degree program, a maximum of 12 semester hours of graduate non-degree credit may be applied toward the degree.
Courses taken while a student is classified as graduate non-degree may not be applied toward a degree program in the College of Business Administration. The College of Business and Technology restricts this category to transient students enrolled in other graduate programs, to students holding graduate business degrees and to students taking courses to satisfy professional obligations such as teacher certification requirements. 

Graduate non-degree students may enroll only in those courses for which they have received approval from the dean of the college at Winthrop offering the course(s).  Students will be responsible for presenting documentation that course prerequisites have been met.

Graduate non-degree students will not be changed to regular status without meeting regular admission requirements through Graduate Studies.

Note:  International students who are admitted as non-degree are not eligible for financial aid, graduate assistantships or scholarships.