Paperless Billing Policy

eBills (electronic bills) are Winthrop University's official method for sending student account statements. Students no longer receive paper statements (or bills) in the mail; rather they receive an e-mail with a .pdf version of their bill attached.

eBills offer both students and parents a number of advantages over traditional paper bills, including:

  • Students will receive their eBill faster than traditional paper bills
  • Students can forward their eBill to anyone who they wish to receive the information and can share it with more than one person
  • Improved efforts to increase sustainability and lower costs and waste
  • Students can also print their eBill and remit payment through the mail to the Cashiers Office

The financial information of your student account is confidential and protected by the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act(FERPA).  Because many students have a parent or third party paying bills on their behalf, it is imperative that the students set up any authorized users they wish to have access to view their account or make payments.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up an Authorized User can be found at /sfs/authorized-users.aspx.  Once set up, the Authorized User will be able to view and make payments toward a student's account.

Privacy of Education Records (Including Financial Records)


E-mail Billing Policy

eBills are sent to students via their Winthrop e-mail address.  It is the responsibility of the student to read their Winthrop e-mail in a regular and timely fashion.  The obligation to pay the Winthrop University account balance (or payment plan payment) by the stated due date is not altered or modified in any way by the electronic e-mail billing process.  It will remain the responsibility of the student to ensure their amount due is paid on or before the due date.  If you do not wish to utilize the online payment options of electronic check (e-check) or debit/credit card options, you may still opt to mail a check or money order to the Cashiers Office.  Students whose parents do not have e-mail access will need to find an alternate means to communicate the balance due and due date to them.

 Official Winthrop University Student E-mail Policy


Fall/Spring Registration Statements

Student Financial Services recognizes the need for students and their families to receive a Fall and Spring tuition statement to help with planning and budgeting for each upcoming term.  However, Winthrop uses eBills to share this information each term.  Fall registration statements are e-mailed to registered students each year mid-July.  Spring registration statements are e-mailed to registered students each year mid-November. Summer registration statements are e-mailed mid-April. Please note that it is Winthrop University policy that a student may be charged a late payment fee and a student's schedule may be dropped if their tuition and fees are not satisfied by the fee payment deadline of each academic term. Note: Students who enroll in courses after eBills have been distributed may not receive an eBill. Students are responsible for paying tuition and fees by the deadline even if they do not receive or view the eBill.

FAQ question What do I do if I truly need an official statement after my fees are all paid?

FAQ Answer Students can request an account summary prepared on Winthrop letterhead by e-mailing our office at sfs@winthrop.edu from their Winthrop e-mail address.  Be sure to include your full name, Winthrop ID, and specify the term you are requesting.  Requests are usually fulfilled within 2-3 business days. The statement will be e-mailed back to you with a .pdf attachment. If you wish to have a hard copy mailed, we will do so upon request but will only mail to the permanent address on file.

Parents or guardians must contact the student in order to request the information.  Our office will not send a paper statement to any physical address other than the permanent address on file in WINGSPAN, and will not mail any account statements to an e-mail address other than the student's Winthrop e-mail address.

FAQ question Can I still mail my payment even though the notice is electronic?

FAQ Answer Absolutely!  The accepted payment methods have not changed.  You can mail a check, money order or cashier's check to the Cashier's office at 22 Tillman Hall, Rock Hill, SC, 29733.  Please be sure to include the student's Winthrop ID number on the check.

FAQ question Can my parent/guardian/spouse call your office to get the balance due?

FAQ Answer In accordance with the FERPA regulations, Student Financial Services is required to have the student's written permission in order to release account information. If a parent/guardian/spouse/etc. contacts our offices with questions regarding a student's account, details of the account cannot be released without a form on file. This includes account balance, payment history, and specific charge information.  If you wish to grant your parent/guardian/spouse access to this information, please fill out the Permission to Release Student Records form and submit it to Records and Registration.

FAQ question How do I know which e-mail addresses are on file with my record and how can I add a new e-mail address?

FAQ Answer Students can view the list of active e-mail addresses in WINGSPAN.  Log into WINGSPAN with your username and password. Click on the Personal Information tab and then View E-Mail Addresses.

To add or change personal, parent or other e-mail addresses, students will need to fill out a Address Changes and Corrections Request form located on the Records and Registration website under FORMS. Winthrop University e-mail addresses can only be changed through IT.

FAQ question Will I still receive a paper copy of my 1098-T tax statement?

FAQ Answer Winthrop currently outsources the processing of tax form 1098-T to ECSI and the forms are made available online.  Paper forms will continue to be mailed to the permanent address on file as well unless the student has voluntarily opted out with our 1098-T provider, ECSI.  More information about 1098-T preparation and forms can be found on our website under Tax Info.