Winthrop Payment Plan

Winthrop University is pleased to offer students a payment plan to budget the cost of the current semester's academic fees, room and board. Payment plans are offered as a service, allowing the students to budget their educational and related costs over the period of a semester. The plan is optional -- students may still elect to make full payments by the stated deadlines. The University will accept any advance payments the student may wish to prepay as a credit to the bill, reducing the amount to be paid using the payment plan.  


All students in good financial standing with the university are eligible to enroll. Students who have not made their payment plan payments on a timely basis may lose the right to participate.

Included Costs

All current academic fees, lab fees, room and board costs, cafe cash, and other required fees may be included in the WPP. Please note: any fees or charges for the semester that were added (or financial aid cancelled) after the payment plan was established will be recalculated into the remaining payments of the payment plan. 

Billing Deadline

The payment plan requires an initial payment by the published fee payment deadline. The remaining balance is payable to the University in regular installments (approximately every 30 days). Students will receive an automated payment reminder from the payment plan. The payment plan is interest free; however, the University assesses an administrative fee of $25 each for the fall and spring semesters to offset the additional cost of record keeping and billing and late fees of $50 will be assessed on delinquent monthly payments.

Financial Aid

Financial aid received and awarded (excluding Federal WorkStudy) through Winthrop may be used toward computing the amount budgeted through the plan. This aid should be shown on the initial semester billing and in the payment gateway. Aid other than that shown on the billing cannot be deducted without first receiving a DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FROM YOUR LENDER or a copy of the award letter if there is an outside scholarship award. You must send a copy of the disclosure statement or award letter to the Office of Financial Aid.


The University will assess a delinquent charge of $50 for each month the amount due is not received as scheduled. Furthermore, the University reserves the right to assign your delinquent account to a collection agency and you will be responsible for all associated collection fees. Checks returned by the bank will be subject to a returned check fee of $30 in addition to the delinquent charge. If a returned check is not made good in a timely fashion, Winthrop reserves the pursue legal efforts to collect.


You must enroll in the payment plan online via the Account Summary and Payments link in Wingspan. Log into Wingspan, click on the Account Summary and Payments link. Once you are in the payment gateway, click the Enroll in Payment Plan button. Select the payment plan option you wish to enroll in and continue.

Fall 2023 Payment Plans and Payment Dates

Name of Payment Plan

Enrollment Dates

Plan Installment Dates

Early Bird 5 Monthly Payment Plan Fall 2023

July 10 – July 29

July 20, Aug 10, Sept 1, Oct 1, Nov 1

Early Bird Bi-Weekly Payment Plan Fall 2023

July 10 – Aug 5

Aug 1, Aug 15, Sept 1, Sept 15, Oct 1, Oct 15, Nov 1

4 Monthly Payment Plan Fall 2023

July 10 – Aug 15

Aug 10, Sept 1, Oct 1, Nov 1

Bi-Weekly Payment Plan Fall 2023

July 10 – Aug 15

Aug 10, Sept 1, Sept 15, Oct 1, Oct 15, Nov 1

Late Registration Monthly Payment Plan Fall 2023

Aug 15 – Sept 8

Aug 26, Oct 1, Nov 1

Late Registration Bi-Weekly Payment Plan Fall 2023

Aug 15 – Sept 1

Aug 26, Sept 15, Oct 1, Oct 15, Nov 1