Accessing Your 1098-T Form (ESCI)

Winthrop has outsourced the processing of tax form 1098-T to ECSI. Previous years 1098-T forms are available on-line. This form is available in PDF file format and can be printed for your records. You may access ECSI's student website at: Heartland ECSI. This site provides instructions on how to access your 1098-T form and also provides other general information regarding the tax form, including how to interpret the information on the form and a list of relevant IRS tax links.

We have provided detailed information on your tax form to assist you in determining your tax benefit. The 1098-T form includes all tuition and fees billed during a specific calendar year as well as grants and scholarships credited to your account through that calendar year. The detail provided also includes payments made and recorded on your account between January 1 and December 31 of the specific calendar year. Keep in mind - If you registered for a spring academic term before Dec 31, your tuition and fee charges for that spring term will be listed in the calendar year the charges went on your student account even if your scholarships went on in a different calendar year.  Pay close attention to Box 7 of your tax forms.

Instructions on how to access the 1098-T form are summarized below: 

  1. Visit the Heartland ECSI website at: HEARTLAND ECSI WEBSITE
  2. To view your 1098-T tax document without registering on the website, click on the box: I need my 1098-T Tuition tax statement.” And #4 to read “Enter your Name, Social Security Number, and Permanent Zip CodeECSI Click Here
  3. Enter your School Name in the box and when you see Winthrop University, click Submit.
  4. Enter your Name, Social Security Number, and Zip Code.
  5. If you were located, you can click the + button next to 1098T Delivered to view the information on the tax form.ECSI Expand Button
  6. A list of all 1098-T tax forms that are available to you will be listed, from most recent tax year to oldest.
  7. To view or print a specific 1098-T form, click on the View/Print statement link to view the tax form in its entirety, including the transaction history.View Statement

If you cannot retrieve your form, you will need to contact ECSI customer service at or by phone at 866/428-1098 or use the "Chat with us" service on the website. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to visit our website at /sfs/1098-t-tax-information.aspx for more information.