Purchasing Textbooks with Pending Refund/Credit


Winthrop University and Barnes & Noble Bookstore have teamed up to help students to use their pending refund/credit to purchase books before classes begin. Students must have a valid Winthrop ID Card,completed registration for the term and must have an anticipated refund showing on their student account in the payment gateway for the term.

Who is Eligible?

Students who have completed registration for the term, and have a negative (credit) balance on their student account are eligible to use their excess funds (anticipated refund) to pay for textbooks and supplies.  

How can I see my account balance?

To view your account balance, log into WINGSPAN, click on Account Summary and Payments. Students must have a credit balance to be eligible.

When can I use this credit?

Students will only be allowed to purchase textbooks and supplies between the timeframe set by Student Financial Services and communicated to students through a Wingspan announcement each term. Winthrop will begin to process student refunds a week before classes. At that point, students will either need to wait on their refunds to be processed and received, or purchase their books out-of-pocket while they wait on their refund. We highly encourage all students to sign up for Direct Deposit for Refunds in order to receive their money as quickly and safely as possible.

Can I order/pay online using my credit?

Yes! Students may use their credit to purchase textbooks online. When you select your payment method, please choose "Student Account/Financial Aid Credit" as your payment option. Please contact the bookstore at 803/323-3800 if you have questions about purchases online.