Third Party Billing

Carol Morgan
Student Accounts Receivable
20 Tillman Hall

Student Financial Services may bill certain third parties on behalf of a student. Third-party billing may include Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission, Veterans Administration, and various companies across the country that provide tuition benefits to their employees. These third parties may require students to submit certain documents to our office prior to the start of each term.

State Tuition Pre-Pay Programs

Every state now has at least one education savings plan that allows families to set aside funds for future college costs. The plans are usually categorized as either prepaid tuition plans or savings plans, although some have elements of both. These educational savings plans also are referred to as Section 529 Plans, because they may provide special tax benefits under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. The value of these educational savings plans should be included as other investments on the FAFSA form. For more information, visit the Internal Revenue Service website.

The disbursement of these pre-pay funds is handled by the Student Financial Services and Cashiers Office. The beneficiary of the pre-pay plan should contact Carol Morgan prior to the start of each term to make arrangements on their student account.

VA Benefit Invoicing

Student Accounts Receivable provides assistance in matters relating to schedule protection, posting of VA payments to the student accounts, and invoicing for funds to the Department of Veteran Affairs.  Students must first be certified through the Winthrop Veteran Benefits office located in Records and Registration. Questions regarding student accounts and billing for Veterans can be answered by contacting  Student Accounts Receivable

Please Note:  If a sponsor does not pay in a timely manner you may be required to pay any remaining balance in full.  The university's acceptance of third party payment does not void the student's responsibilty to pay the bill.