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Student Financial Services
21 Tillman Hall
Rock Hill, SC 29733, USA
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Billing Schedule


Spring 2022

November 15

Spring 2022 eBills/Registration Statements emailed to students



December 15
2:00 PM

Fee Payment Deadline
1st payment due if using 5-payment plan or Bi-Weekly Payment Plan

December 16

$150 Late Payment Fee assessed for non-payment

December 20

Cancellation of classes for non-payment

January 14

Classes begin 5:00 PM

January 14
2:00 PM

2nd Fee Payment Deadline

January 14

Last day to withdraw with 100% tuition adjustment

January 18

2nd Cancellation of classes for non-payment

January 18

eBills emailed to students with balances

January 21

Last day to withdraw with 75% tuition adjustment

January 28

Last day to withdraw with 50% tuition adjustment

February 4

Last day to withdraw with 25% tuition adjustment

February 15

Next payment plan installment due/balance due


March 3

Financial Aid that is incomplete and/or has not been disbursed is no longer considered anticipated and will not be reflected on the student’s account.  Students on a payment plan may see significantly increased payments due until the Financial Aid is disbursed.

March 15

Next payment plan installment due

March 15

eBills emailed to students with balances

April 1

Final payment plan installment due/All balances due in full

April 5

Early registration for Fall 2022 begins

Payment may be made at the Cashiers Office at 22 Tillman Hall with either cash or personal check. The Cashiers Office cannot accept credit or debit cards for payment in the office or over the phone. Electronic Check (E-Check) or Credit/Debit card payments are accepted ONLINE ONLY. See "Payment Options" for details. Parents and others must be an Authorized User in order to make online payments on behalf of a student. See "Authorized User" for details. eBills are sent to the student's Winthrop email address. Students are advised to share this information with 3rd party payers such as parents or grandparents. Payment in full is due approximately 2 weeks before the beginning of classes for Fall and Spring terms. Please check the billing schedule above for the exact dates. Payment to the student account may be made by personal check or money order to the order of Winthrop University with the student's ID in the memo portion. The check should be mailed to: Cashiers Office, Winthrop University, 22 Tillman Hall, Rock Hill, SC 29733.

During the semester, student accounts are updated daily via the web. Registered students will receive an eBill each month if they carry a balance with a due date for the account.  More information about our paperless billing option can be found on our website. Parents and others may view the online account summary only if their student sets them up as an authorized user.

A monthly payment plan is offered by Winthrop via the Payment Gateway.

Last Updated: 11/8/21