Room Personalization and Furnishings

Each resident may personalize their own room. Curtains, bedspreads, area rugs, lamps, plants, aquariums and pictures are some of the items residents use to individualize their rooms. Residence halls are painted on a rotating basis. Residents may not paint their rooms. Nails, putty or foam tape are not permitted on the room walls.

What we provide: 

Each residence hall room (except Courtyard and Roddey) has the following items:

  • Two bunkable extra long twin-sized beds with mattresses
  • Two chests of drawers
  • Two desks
  • Two chairs
  • Two closets or wardrobes
  • One MicroFridge combination appliance
  • Air conditioning
  • High speed internet connection

What you need to bring: 

You will need to furnish your own linens and pillows. The beds require extra-long twin sheets. Residents in a hall with a community bath may want to bring a container to carry accessories to and from the bathroom. Closet and dresser space is limited so it is suggested you bring only the clothes you need for a season. You will need a cell phone, study lamp, alarm clock, hangers, a flashlight for fire drills, an umbrella, etc.  Those in suites or private baths will need green cleaning supplies.                                            

Room furniture cannot be stored outside of the student's room. Beds may be taken apart and pieces stacked in the room to increase room space. Students are not allowed to bring refrigerators or microwaves since a MicroFridge is furnished in each room. (Roddey Students may bring a microwave.) Students are responsible for returning their room to its original check-in condition prior to moving out. Any student illegally storing furniture out of his/her room is responsible for moving damages or reassembly charges. Students may put a loft in their room upon the approval of the Department of Residence Life. Click here to review the loft policy for specifications and approval guidelines.

 For information regarding resources you can use to acquire extra-long linens and lofts see links below:

  • To purchase proper sized bed linens, click here.
  • Remember, if you wish to bring your own loft, it must comply with the guidelines specified in our Loft Policy.
  • To purchase or rent a TimberNest Loft, click here.


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