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Loft Policy in the Residence Halls

Permission to build lofts in the residence hall rooms is granted pending the adherence of the following guidelines and the inspection and approval by the hall's Residential Learning Coordinator or Assistant Director of Residence Life. The guidelines are required for your safety and to prevent damage to the walls, floors, ceilings and furnishings in the room.

A. Procedural Guidelines 

  1. All lofts must be authorized and inspected by the hall's Residential Learning Coordinator or Assistant Director of Residence Life to insure that the general guidelines have been followed within five (5) class days after the construction is completed. Residents must contact the RLC or AD to schedule an authorization and inspection appointment.
  2. Lofts are not permitted in the Courtyard at Winthrop University.
  3. Both residents of the room must agree to the construction.
  4. At least one resident must be present at the time of inspection.
  5. If the RLC or AD finds the loft to be unsatisfactory, the resident must correct the problems and schedule another inspection within three (3) class days.
  6. Room occupants are responsible for missing furniture and for any damages to the room, building, or furniture as a result of the construction, transportation, use or disassembly of the loft. (All room furniture must remain in the resident's room).
  7. All lofts must be disassembled, removed, and the regular room furniture arranged in the same order as when the room occupants moved into the room no later than seven days prior to the end of any academic semester. Failure to do so will result in damage charges. However, residents who are assigned to the same room for the spring semester that they occupied during the fall semester may leave their lofts up between the fall and spring semesters.

B. General Guidelines

  1. The room furnishings may not be removed from the residence hall and no storage areas are provided by Residence Life.
  2. No items may be constructed so as to completely obstruct any direct access to the hall doors or windows so that evacuation is convenient in case of fire.
  3. Room occupants are responsible for the purchase of all materials and equipment used to build the loft.
  4. Room occupants are responsible for disposing of all unused materials and debris in the trash dumpsters outside the building.
  5. All lofts must be removed from the residence hall when moving out of the hall. Winthrop University is not responsible for storage.
  6. The room furnishings: i.e., desk, dresser, chest of drawers, etc., may not be used to support or secure any lofts.
  7. No part of the construction may be attached, wedged, or secured in any manner to the ceiling, floor or walls of the room. All units must be freestanding.

C. Specific Guidelines

  1. Bolts must be used in the construction of the bed unit.
  2. Lofts must have EITHER:  Two diagonal braces on every side attached from vertical support posts to the upper horizontal support beam or surface (8 total) OR: A combination of at least two diagonal braces along the back attached from vertical support posts to the upper horizontal support beam or surface and two horizontal braces on each side.
  3. The structure cannot exceed 4' in width in the short dimension.
  4. The structure must be 18" below the Sprinkler deflector.
  5. Any horizontal surface must be at least 36 inches from the ceiling.
  6. University metal bed frames must be attached to the lift by screws using only the existing holes in the bed frames.
  7. No University furnishings may be painted.
  8. Lofts that are made of wood must have an ABC 2 lb. fire extinguisher attached to the structure.
  9. The construction must not interfere with access to heating/ventilating units, plumbing, electrical outlets or other fixed items in the room. Existing attached room fixtures (cable jacks, heating/ventilating units, etc.) must not be removed, relocated or modified.
  10. The loft or platform bed must not be enclosed in any way (including drapery, beads, parachutes, wallboard, fishnet, etc.).
  11. Each student must sign a Relief of Liability statement after final inspection.

Last Updated: 9/1/20