Students - March 29, 2021

Dear Campus Community,  

I was pleased to learn late last week that Governor Henry McMaster and SCDHEC announced that all South Carolinians ages 16 and older will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine beginning March 31, 2021, and can begin scheduling their appointments on Wednesday. This is extremely good news for all of us, as most of our students are in the age range that sees much asymptomatic spread of the COVID-19 virus. Now that they are eligible, we must do the important work of encouraging all students to get vaccinated and assisting them as much as possible. According to SCDHEC’s news release, all three vaccines—Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen—are available to and approved for those aged 18 and older. Individuals ages 16-18 can receive the Pfizer.    

A short student survey has been developed to ascertain interest in vaccination at the Rock Hill Community Vaccination Center at the Galleria Mall as well as in transportation needs of students to get there. If students desire more information on the vaccine to help determine interest in receiving the vaccine, please see this page of FAQs before completing the survey.

Student COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Survey

Please complete the survey by the end of the day Tuesday, March 30.

We strongly encourage our students to get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity available to them. While we hope to schedule Winthrop days at the center as we did for faculty/staff, there are more opportunities available than ever before to be vaccinated at retail pharmacies, health clinics, etc. Follow this link to the SCDHEC vaccine locator site to schedule your appointment starting Wednesday. 

Remember, students, the vaccine is free. It is safe. There are one-dose options available. You will most likely be required to show proof of immunization or a negative test result for attendance in Winthrop face-to-face classes this summer and to live and attend classes on campus this fall. Now would be a great time to schedule your vaccine

I want to stress that while no one is required to be vaccinated, to achieve herd immunity and help all of us get back to pre-pandemic levels of normalcy in our comings and goings, interactions with friends and family, and attendance at events and gatherings, wouldn’t it be great to say you did your part? I and many others on campus have committed to vaccination. I hope you will as well. We will communicate more information on vaccine availability to Winthrop students at the Rock Hill Community Vaccination Center as soon as survey results are in and more information is available. 

In the meantime, starting Wednesday, go get vaccinated, Eagles!



George W. Hynd
Interim President