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an aerial photograph of downtown Rock Hill and Winthrop University with major roads
                     and landmarks highlightedBefore Winthrop moved to its Rock Hill home in 1894, the Rock Hill community played an important role in helping shape Winthrop's future. Rock Hill residents rallied for the state school to be located here, and Rock Hill competed successfully against other towns across South Carolina. In the years since Winthrop moved to Rock Hill, the partnership between the two has grown stronger. The importance of a relationship with York County and other neighboring counties to Winthrop’s vision, mission and values has become apparent as well.

Indeed, positive relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships are increasingly important. They extend to regional and statewide endeavors, supporting Winthrop’s role in South Carolina higher education, as well as crossing into the Charlotte Metropolitan region as the Rock Hill institution is second only to UNC Charlotte among the many colleges and universities in the area.

Relationships are cultivated through many university divisions with coordination through the Office of the President and Gary Simrill, a Winthrop Class of 1991 alumnus. Simrill advises President Edward Serna regarding issues pertinent to external public relations, legislative affairs and governmental relations. He works to develop positive and informed relationships on behalf of the university with key colleagues and stakeholders in order to generate and sustain community awareness and partnerships. Simrill prioritizes work with civic and community groups, as well as state, federal and local public officials, government agencies, and organizations.

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