Students - March 2, 2020

Dear Students, 

On my first day in the office as your interim president, I wanted to connect with you and share that my wife, Alison, and I are delighted to be here—in this dynamic city, on this beautiful campus, and within a student-centered community that reflects all that we value in higher education. We look forward to being visibly engaged on campus, calling the university home, meeting as many of you as possible, and introducing our sweet golden retriever, Curry, to the campus community.

We have much to learn about Winthrop and many constituents to get to know over the next few months. I am energized by the prospect of being meaningfully connected with you, the student body, and the alumni base, reaching out to supporters, and learning more about your varied Winthrop experiences.  

I am committed to continuing the momentum that Dr. Dan Mahony has built here in recent years, prioritizing new enrollment strategies, securing funding for facilities enhancements and scholarships, and beginning academic and campus master planning. I hope not to replace, but rather to help shape, the vision of Winthrop’s future as the campus community works together these next few years.

Please be assured that I pledge authenticity and transparency in my work with the board, the Council of Student Leaders, the faculty and staff, and other constituents as we build on Winthrop’s strong foundation.

In the coming months I will continue to listen and discover all that I can about Winthrop—from you and all who can provide valuable insight that will help me in my role here. If you would like to chat with me over lunch, I would love to meet you. Please continue to schedule lunches in Thomson by emailing I look forward to hearing your honest opinions, best ideas, your challenges and aspirations, and what you have gained from the Winthrop experience thus far. And in advance of those conversations, I say thank you!


George W. Hynd
Interim President