Students - July 12, 2021

Dear Students: 

I hope this email finds you enjoying your summer and gearing up for the fall semester.  I know you join me in my anticipation and excitement for a return to the Winthrop you know and love!

I am pleased to let you know that Winthrop will be receiving $7.3 million in COVID-19 funding to be distributed to degree-seeking students as part of the American Rescue Plan (ARP).  We expect this to be the last round of funding the federal government will be providing as a result of the pandemic.

The Office of Financial Aid plans to open the application process to request funding in late August.  The application link will be emailed to all students, posted on social media, and to the Office of Financial Aid website. We hope to get funding into students’ hands by the end of September. Because of the large amount of funding, we will be receiving, I encourage all students who experienced pandemic expenses, or who have college expenses like tuition, to apply for this funding.

I have heard in the past some students were hesitant to apply as there were others that needed the help more than they did. Rest assured there is enough funding to go around for all impacted students. Unlike prior funding, non-citizens will be eligible as well.  We know our students and families have been deeply affected by this pandemic, so please do not hesitate to submit an application when it is available. 

I sincerely hope this news will relieve some lingering financial worries that may have affected you as a result of the pandemic.  Please continue to keep an eye on your email in late August for the application link from the Office of Financial Aid and other important announcements.

With warm regards,


George W. Hynd
Interim President