Students - July 1, 2022

Dear Students,

Twenty years ago when I received my Winthrop degree, I could not have imagined one day assuming the presidency of this historic institution. Yet, for the last 10 years, I have lived and breathed public higher education, leading universities in Arkansas and Maine. In fact, my experience at Winthrop transformed my life and drove me to change careers to serve public higher education.  

The opportunity to return to a campus community that made me feel I belonged, set me on a course for success, and made a profound difference in my life is truly a blessing. I am eager to partner with you to ensure that the Winthrop experience continues to be one of positive transformation for you and your fellow students.

In the coming months, I hope you will join me in an honest and shared assessment of where we are and aspirations for Winthrop’s future. More to come on how to be involved in that process. But today my family and I just want to thank you for the opportunity to serve. I look forward to the opportunity to listen, learn, adjust, and grow alongside you.

Anyone who steps into the role of university president should have a healthy respect for the tremendous responsibility and hard work that comes from holding the office and approach it with a sense of humility and service. That is my commitment. I hope you will join me in creating a prosperous, sustainable future for Winthrop University.

Edward A. Serna