Students - April 3, 2020

Dear Students,

Thank you for your patience over these last few weeks as we have grappled with the COVID-19-related closing of campus and how to proceed with fee reductions and refunds related to moving to remote instruction for the remainder of spring 2020. While this is a more complex matter than many may have anticipated, we have worked with the Commission on Higher Education and other state institutions to help determine our response, and today we presented our recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

The press release that is posted on our website explains next steps, and I encourage you to read it closely. Each student’s individual account will be reviewed and fee adjustments will be made according the residence hall and meal plan they chose.  Unused Cafe Cash will be returned.  All students who purchased a parking permit will receive a fee adjustment.  The date for proration of fees is March 23, 2020. Adjustments will begin this month and are expected to take some time as individual attention must be given to each student.

It is important to note that monies due as a result of fee adjustments will first be applied to any unpaid bills in your account.  If you are paid in full, then you will receive a cash refund.  If you still owe Winthrop any monies, the amount due will be subtracted before any cash is refunded via direct deposit or by check to the address on record.  You should review your contact information in Wingspan immediately to make sure it is up to date.

Additional information went to faculty/staff today about the necessary budget and hiring freeze that trustees approved in order to help facilitate the reduction in fees and refunds that will soon begin reaching students’ accounts.

We know that these are unimaginably difficult times for some students and their families. It also is a truly unprecedented situation for colleges and universities. Earlier this week the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to implement a reduced rate for Summer Session 2020 classes. The university’s summer offerings for in-state students already reflect a 20 percent discount as compared to fall and spring tuition. The board’s action provides an additional 12 percent discount for all regular classes offered this summer only. Read more about the reduction in this press release if you are considering taking classes this summer.

We want you to be able to continue on your educational journey with a focus on timely degree completion. The decisions we have made in terms of reductions in fees, refunds, and summer tuition all are made with our students’ progress toward their degrees in mind.



George W. Hynd
Interim President