Students - March 12, 2021

Dear Students,

On this beautiful Friday, I wanted to share with you some brief information...

Mask Up and More

Don’t allow anything you’ve heard to change your commitment to helping our community control the spread of COVID-19. The same rules apply. We are still requiring masks at Winthrop. And we expect you to continue the other preventative measures like hand washing, physical distancing, etc. This is the wrong time to stop what we know works!

Campus Safety Ambassadors

Some of your peers have been tapped as campus safety ambassadors to help remind and encourage you to do the right things mentioned above. Talk to our ambassadors when you see them on campus if you have questions. And check out their profiles on Instagram @WUDOSO; you may recognize a friend!

Employees Back

Next week the campus will be busier with many more people because most faculty and staff will be back on campus working. With the increase in population, it will be crucial to maintain our requirements for COVID-related health and safety. If everyone does their part, we can stay safe!

Test, Test, Test

With more people on campus, testing will be of even greater importance. The CDC recommends COVID testing at least once a month for those not vaccinated and regularly out in the community. The free saliva-based SAFE testing is in McBryde twice monthly. Stop by from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on the next test date, March 23. If you’re symptomatic, skip SAFE testing and contact Health Services or the Medicat Patient Portal for free testing. Testing is also free at the Coliseum site that is open Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Any positive test means getting in touch with Health Services immediately. 

With your commitment, Eagles, we can fly through the last half of the semester safely! Thank you for your cooperation!