Faculty and Staff - October 19, 2023

Together, let’s help build a stronger community!

Next week kicks off a university-wide fundraising effort to support United Way of York County (UWYC) and its bold goal to help 3,000 York County families become financially stable by 2030, a goal they’ve named ‘Power to Thrive.’ Winthrop’s campus community can help make that goal come to fruition. 

UWYC helps remove barriers to assist low-to-moderate income families more easily access and navigate services to reach financial stability. United Way plays a key role in bringing together local businesses and educational institutions with local working families to ensure that license, certificate, or degree programs are within reach, leading to stable employment.

Since the campaign’s launch, the organization has invested more than $5.4 million into the community, helped 100 percent of participating households consistently pay their bills on time, and helped participants increase their credit score by an average of 31 points. 

The university has a noted history with United Way: we place student interns at UWYC annually, which we know guarantees our students an authentic learning experience and future career connections; half of UWYC employees are proud Winthrop alumni; and nearly 90 percent of United Way’s partner agencies receive some sort of faculty assistance from Winthrop each year. 

Nicole Chisari is our United Way ambassador and will be in touch throughout the campaign, which will take place from Oct. 23-Nov. 3. I encourage you to join me in supporting this year's effort by completing a paper pledge form (which is on the way to you if you haven’t already received it) or an online pledge form.

This year we are offering an incentive. Employees who give to the United Way campaign will be eligible for a drawing to win a reserved parking space through Dec. 31.

Together, we can help our neighbors thrive. 


Edward A. Serna