Faculty and Staff - March 26, 2021

Dear Campus Community,

A story by Evan Santiago this week in the Winthrop student newspaper, The Johnsonian, has sparked much discussion on campus. These are points of clarification from the university:

In regard to student allegations of misconduct:

Winthrop University takes seriously allegations of sexual misconduct involving any member of the Winthrop community. Winthrop officials took seriously the allegations of the two students interviewed. Both cases were promptly investigated by the university using protocols established as best practice for Title IX compliance. While Winthrop officials cannot comment on specific Title IX cases or investigations, the university investigates all reported violations of Title IX, follows established protocols based on best practice, and ensures due process for all. Winthrop officials base conclusions and subsequent actions taken against students and employees on all available evidence. 

In regard to the various personnel involved in serving students who may have experienced discrimination under Title IX:

The university’s Student Advocacy and Trauma Support provides direct services to victims as well as campus-wide educational programming. The Dean of Students office holds students accountable for misconduct through the Student Conduct Code and the Judicial Council. The Human Resources, Employee Diversity and Wellness division administers Winthrop’s employee policies on sexual harassment and discrimination and investigates allegations made against faculty and staff. Winthrop’s Title IX compliance, including policy recommendations, overseeing all complaints of sex discrimination, and identifying and addressing any problems that arise during the review of such complaints, is handled through the university’s Title IX coordinator.

In regard to Title IX investigations:

Upon notification of a possible Title IX violation, the university assigns an investigator based on the allegations. Per university protocols, individual departments or divisions, such as athletics, are not permitted to conduct investigations. For this reason, athletics personnel reported allegations regarding an employee to HR, the area charged with investigating complaints involving employees.