Faculty and Staff - January 26, 2021

Dear Colleagues:

As we continue to work to determine the best way for our Winthrop community members to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine, it would be helpful to know how many of our faculty and staff would be interested in receiving the vaccine once the state enters phase 1b of vaccine distribution (currently listed as early spring on SCDHEC’s timetable). SCDHEC has included those who work in the educational sector, including college/university personnel, in phase 1b. This information will be very useful as decisions about the allocation of the limited supply of vaccine to providers in our area are made.

Please take a moment and follow the link below to a short, one-question survey to acknowledge your interest in receiving the vaccine. We need this information quickly, so please complete the survey by 10 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 28.

COVID-19 Vaccine Survey

To reiterate from an earlier e-mail, the vaccine will not be required of anyone in our state.  However, as more details are worked out and as the timeframe for phase 1b becomes clearer, we will share additional information on the vaccine for those interested in receiving it. In the meantime, if you currently fall into the state’s phase 1a category for vaccine distribution (ages 70 and older included), I encourage you to visit this site to find a location near you where you can currently receive the vaccine.  If you desire more information on the vaccine to help you determine interest in receiving the vaccine, please see this page before you complete the survey.


George W. Hynd
Interim President