Faculty and Staff - August 30, 2022

Sharing for Your Information

Hello! I will be providing you with a short email after the fact on action from board meetings as we move forward. Not a lot here this time, but see a brief recap below from last week’s meeting. Thanks for your interest in the activities of the Board of Trustees.

2022-23 Agency Head Goals

The board voted to approve the agency head goals document that must be submitted to the state. I mentioned these priorities at the Welcome Back event, but you can read them for yourself if you are interested. Please keep in mind this format is mandated by the state’s Agency Head Salary Commission.  The Board must use this document and the six designated objectives.  All agency heads in South Carolina are evaluated via this form.

MOUs and Contracts

Among the contracts and MOUs approved by the board include the renewal of Blackboard contract for a five year term. Members also approved re-negotiating the contract with Wiley, our online graduate programs partner. The current contract runs through 2027.  They also supported the College of Education’s plans to apply for funding from the Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program with a special collaboration with Clinton College.