Faculty and Staff - August 17, 2023

Dear Colleagues:

By now, you’ve likely heard that Competency-based Education (CBE) is in the works at Winthrop. This is an exciting new initiative for us, one that will be a game-changer in helping adult and professional students accelerate their time to a Winthrop degree. This new modality will provide a unique and flexible approach to higher education that allows students to advance through their coursework based on their ability to master a skill or competency at their own pace.

We are on track to launch our first degree-seeking suite of CBE programs in Spring 2025. Learn more about CBE at this new website that features FAQs, a timeline for the initiative, upcoming CBE events and more.

Mark Your Calendar for Sept. 12 CBE Workshops!

We are excited to be welcoming representatives from C-BEN (Competency-Based Education Network) for two workshops on Tuesday, Sept. 12. Of course, classes are scheduled for that day but we want to encourage you, if at all possible, to adjust your schedule as you finalize your syllabi so that you can attend one or both of these sessions.

Workshop #1 (all faculty invited) will be held 8:30-10:30 a.m. in Dina’s Place. Coffee and muffins will be provided. This workshop will provide a general overview of CBE, how it works, its rigor and more.

Workshop #2 (space limited) will be 10:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m., with lunch provided, in 220 DiGiorgio Campus Center. This workshop is aimed at faculty and programs already planning to develop CBE programs. It will focus on identifying, writing, sequencing and validating competencies, assessment strategies for CBE, etc.

Register by Friday, September 1, for one or both workshops here.

COE Modules Debut in October

CBE is already gaining traction on campus! The Richard W. Riley College of Education, Sport and Human Sciences will debut the first CBE modules this fall through a certification-only program aimed to support beginning classroom teachers who have demonstrated content knowledge and are working towards professional licensure.

NetAPT (Network for Alternative Preparation in Teaching) was conceptualized over two years ago and developed in collaboration with educator preparation faculty and P-12 partners. The program includes subject-specific modules. Participants will proceed through modules at their own pace with suggested completion occurring in 15-18 months. A Learning Coach supports and encourages forward progression. NetAPT’s first cohort will begin Oct. 1 with rolling admission on the first of each month thereafter. Learn more about NetAPT.

A lot of work has been done to get us where we are, and still more is underway. This is an exciting initiative for Winthrop, one that will attract potential students who likely would not otherwise be interested in coming to Winthrop. We hope you plan to attend one or both of the Sept. 12 workshops to learn more about CBE.

Edward Serna


Peter Judge

Interim Provost