Faculty and Staff - April 9, 2024

I am excited to announce the availability of a unique and impactful position within our university - the role of Ombuds. This role is a distinctive opportunity for individuals passionate about fostering a culture of fairness, confidentiality, and impartial support across our campus. As we embark on this transition, we look forward to welcoming new talents who will contribute to the ongoing development and success of our Ombuds Office.

In this time of change, Jackie Concodora, M.Ed., LPC, Director of the Center for Student Wellness, will be stepping down from her additional duties as Winthrop's first Ombuds. Jackie's pioneering efforts have laid a solid foundation for the Ombuds Office, embodying the principles of equity and confidentiality. As she transitions away from this role, Jackie will continue her vital work full-time as the Director of the Center for Student Wellness, where her dedication to student well-being remains unparalleled.

Applications and letters of interest for the Ombuds position should be sent to Todd Hagins, General Counsel, at haginst@winthrop.edu. The Ombuds will report to Todd solely for their duties within the Ombuds role, ensuring the role’s integrity and independence. The position involves collaboration with the Ombuds Advisory Council, playing a crucial role in supporting and guiding the university community.

Please see the attached documents for more information on the role’s requirements and specifics. We encourage those committed to the principles of fairness and impartiality to apply by the deadline at noon on April 12, 2024.

I know the Winthrop Community eagerly anticipates the arrival of a new Ombuds who will continue to foster a supportive and equitable environment at Winthrop University.

Best regards,

Edward A. Serna