Faculty and Staff - April 26, 2024

You’re invited!

Please join me and the Winthrop Diversity Council as we celebrate PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) CEO action initiative on diversity and inclusion during the upcoming Day of Understanding. Our event will help foster the goal of Winthrop’s campus being a trusting place where difficult conversations surrounding diversity can occur. It will be held Wednesday, May 1, at 11 a.m. in Richardson Ballroom B. 

This year’s event theme is “Stories Untold.” The event will share the untold stories and experiences of marginalized or underrepresented communities through cyanotype portraits that convey emotions, resilience, and the power of individual narratives.

I want to thank Associate Professor of Fine Arts Myles Calvert who met with each participant and created the cyanotype portraits of each participant holding an item of significance to their culture/upbringing. Participants include Veronica Ahadzie, assistant professor of sociology; April Mustian, professor of special education and special education program director; Anna Rau, residential success coordinator; Sebastian van Delden, provost; and myself.

During the program, each participant will discuss his or her portrait. After the discussions, attendees can walk around the space to ask each participant more specific questions. Refreshments will be provided.

I also want to acknowledge the continuing, positive work of the Diversity Council, a committee consisting of faculty, staff and students. Please join me in thanking them for their efforts:

Zan Jones –  Human Resources, Employee Diversity and Wellness (Chair)

Adolphus Belk – College of Arts and Sciences

Kinyata Brown – Student Affairs

Myles Calvert – College of Visual and Performing Arts

Logan Cocklin – Dacus Library

Mary Fairfull – Student Representative

Philip Gibson – College of Business Administration

Crystal Glover – College of Education, Sport and Human Sciences

Muluken Hass – Student Representative

Chris Johnson – Facilities Management

Shardae Johnson-Nelson – Student Affairs

Joseph Miller – Enrollment Management and Marketing

Landon Pitts – Student Representative

Tenisha Powell – College of Education, Sport and Human Sciences

Faith Rush – TriO

Kevin Sheppard – Student Affairs

Amanda Stewart – University Advancement

Meg Webber – Academic Affairs

Again, I hope to see you on May 1 at 11 a.m. for what is sure to be a memorable experience as we expand our understanding and appreciation of diversity.



Edward Serna