Faculty & Staff

October 24, 2018 

Dear Colleagues:

I mentioned at the State of the University address last week that our study to review employee job classifications, compensation, and pay practices is underway. Our partner in this important effort is Sibson Consulting, a human resources consulting firm nationally recognized for its work on similar projects with hundreds of higher education institutions in the U.S. Zan Jones, Associate VP for HR and our Chief Diversity Officer, will be the project team lead for Winthrop and the primary contact with the Sibson team.

Reviewing employee classifications, compensation, and pay practices is one of the University's top priorities, as noted in Section 3.2 of the Winthrop Plan. The last time we conducted a comprehensive study was almost 20 years ago. Winthrop has been through a great deal of change, growth, and progress since then. The Board of Trustees and I agree that an updated compensation philosophy and a detailed plan to implement any changes that may result from the study will best serve the campus community. Our work with Sibson will help us develop an updated direction for the development and maintenance of pay practices. We expect this will result in tools and processes to help ensure pay decision consistency across the campus.

Additional project objectives include:

Reviewing and making necessary adjustments to current job classifications to ensure that actual job duties (rather than job titles alone) are taken into consideration when comparing salaries;
Developing an overarching compensation program that is market-competitive, fair, and ensures internal equity;
Creating a comprehensive compensation philosophy that includes positioning of salaries to a newly defined market; and,
Communicating a plan for implementing new compensation practices, reporting, and ongoing salary administration maintenance.

This initiative is expected to run through calendar year 2019. We will keep you informed of our progress through regular updates.

We are excited to begin this project and appreciate your support as we embark on this important effort. Additional information about the study, including the members of the study's Steering Committee and Project Team, and project updates, will soon be added to the Human Resources, Employee Diversity, and Wellness website.

If you have questions about the study, please contact