Alumni and Friends - March 2, 2020

Dear Alumni and Friends,

As I assume the interim presidency of Winthrop University, one of my first priorities is to reach out to each of you. I want you to know that my wife, Alison, and I are delighted to be here—in this dynamic city, on this beautiful campus, and within a student-centered community that reflects all that we value in higher education. We look forward to being visibly engaged on campus and in the community, calling the university home, and meeting many of you.

We have much to learn about Winthrop and many constituents to get to know over the next few months. I am energized by the prospect of being meaningfully connected with students and alumni, reaching out to supporters, and learning more about our aspirations and challenges as an institution. My prior experiences as a public university president, provost (in South Carolina), researcher and administrator were among my most rewarding, and I am thrilled at the prospect of serving this exceptional institution.

I am committed to continuing the momentum and the drumbeat of progress to which you, alumni and friends, have contributed in recent years under the auspices of the Winthrop Plan. I hope not to replace, but rather to help shape, the vision of Winthrop’s future as we work together these next few years.

Many topics are top of mind for those who care about Winthrop – enrollment, financial stability, academic and campus master planning, collaborations with local businesses, the Rock Hill community, and beyond, to name a few. Please be assured as we move forward that I pledge authenticity and transparency in my work with the board, the campus community, and all constituents as we build on Winthrop’s strong foundation.

In the coming months I will continue to listen and discover all that I can about Winthrop—from you and others who can provide valuable insight. I am keenly aware that we need your continued involvement to ensure that the exceptional Winthrop experience for which we are known is embraced by additional deserving students. I look forward to seeing you around campus and in your communities as I connect with those who love and support Winthrop!

With warm regards, 

George W. Hynd
Interim President