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Living Off-Campus
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Living Off-Campus



Many off-campus students find that biking is a quick and convenient way to get back and forth from campus. Bicycle racks are located near each major academic building and residence hall. Please attach bicycles to the provided racks, as bicycles that aren't attached are subject to being stolen. Bikes that are secured to structures other than bike racks will be impounded.

Parking Off Campus

Winthrop students are expected to purchase on campus parking permits. If a student must park off campus, he or she must follow all parking regulations as laid out by the City of Rock Hill. Parking spaces in the neighborhoods around the University are scarce. Please be considerate of other resident's parking needs

Parking On Campus

To park on campus, you need a parking permit from Campus Police. There are different parking permits for designated areas on campus as well as different restrictions for different lots. To obtain a clear view of parking on campus, please visit the Campus Police Traffic and Parking web page.

Last Updated: 8/13/21