Living Off-Campus

Tips for Being a Good Neighbor

Although Winthrop is an educational center devoted to preparing students for the 21st century, outside the beautiful landscape and incredible architecture of the physical campus lies a real neighborhood, probably very similar to your neighborhood at home. A surprising variety of people live in the Winthrop area - senior citizens, young families with children, single professionals, and students. Because Winthrop students constitute a large segment of the population surrounding the main campus, the impact of students conduct in the community is of major concern. You are, in effect, representing Winthrop University, and the future housing of Winthrop students depends upon your ability to live responsibly in the neighborhood.

Be Considerate

Your schedule and that of your neighbors may differ considerably. The make-up of the neighborhood could vary from students to parents with young children who require early bedtime hours, to residents who work full time. Look around at your neighborhood and try to adapt to customs and traditions of the permanent residents there. For instance, do not park on the street (and do not let your friends do so) if permanent residents there do not, even if there is not a "no parking" sign. If you ignore the traditions of your neighbors, your presence is likely to be resented.

Know Your Neighbors

The first step in fostering good relationships with your neighbors is getting to know them. Make an effort to introduce yourself to your neighbors. It will be much easier to solve any problems that may arise later if your and your neighbors are acquainted and feel comfortable approaching each other.