Living Off-Campus

Winthrop University Codes

Student Conduct

Section III under the Student Conduct Code portion of the Student Handbook states the following regarding the application of laws and off-campus activities:

Winthrop University is not a sanctuary beyond the reach of the criminal laws of the United States, the State of South Carolina, and the City of Rock Hill. While the rules and regulations of Winthrop University are not meant to duplicate general laws, there are some aspects in which  the lawful interests of the institution as an academic community coincide with the broader public interest treated in general laws. Students, or student organizations, who commit offenses against the laws of municipalities, states, or the United States, are subject to prosecution by those authorities and may be subject to disciplinary action under University rules when their conduct violates institutional standards. Winthrop students are subject to the provisions of this Student Conduct Code while on University premises or University-related premises, and when involved with off-campus Winthrop activities. Students will be held accountable to this code for their off-campus activities when it can be ascertained the off-campus act has a direct detrimental impact on the University's educational functions. Any disciplinary action imposed by Winthrop may precede and be in addition to any penalty imposed by an off-campus authority.

Town and Gown Agreement

On September 17, 1990 responsible representatives of each interested group (campus and city officials, community members, and Greek organizations) endorsed this agreement that provides acceptable standards of living around Fraternity and Sorority houses. Through the years, this agreement has taken new directions, but has never lost it's original intent. This agreement continues to be binding and valid. Read the Town and Gown Policy for more information.