Living Off-Campus

Noise and Parties


Be in Tune

Your tunes, whether being played inside your place or in your car, will cause problems if they are played too loudly. What is too loud? If they can be heard at the edge of your property or outside the car with the windows closed, the volume is up too loud!

Excessive Problems

In the event repeated noise violations have occurred or the party has become a continual disturbance, neighbors are encouraged to contact their local law enforcement. Local authorities have the ability to contact the Winthrop University Police Department when necessary.

Would You Want To Be Quoted On That?

Neighborhood families often have small children who will hear and see everything you do. Personal conversations are personal, but language that can be overheard by others should be okay for children to hear too - even if it's a "serenade" meant for your peers.


In a compact neighborhood with adjoining yards and nearby homes, a party in one house can have an unintended impact on a neighborhood house. To avoid giving your neighbors an unpleasant surprise, let them know when a party is planned. Send them a note at least three days in advance of the party, telling them about the event and giving them the hours. Ask them to give you a call if they need to discuss the event. They will appreciate your consideration and may be more tolerant of an increased noise level if they know the reason and have some idea of when the party is scheduled to end.

Please note that informing your neighbors of the party does not give you the right to cause a disturbance!

If a neighbor does complain about something, listen and try to respond positively. After all, they are doing you a favor by giving you a second chance to be a good neighbor, when they could be calling the police immediately.