Exchange Students

Winthrop University hosts international exchange students from all around the globe. Many of these students come to Winthrop to "study abroad" in the U.S. through partnership agreements between Winthrop and their home universities. 

If you are a student at one of our partner-schools and are interested in coming to study at Winthrop University please contact the International Office at your home school. 

Winthrop University Partner Schools -

In order to apply to be an exchange student at Winthrop you must complete the -

Exchange Student Application. Once you are admitted to Winthrop and you have questions about applying for your visa and coming to the United States please visit the websites below for good information.

  • Student Visa and Immigration is designed to guide you through the visa process from applying for your visa to entering the U.S.
  • Arrival and Orientation gives information on how to get to Winthrop and the requirements for health insurance, orientation, tuition and fees, etc.
  • Housing and Meals describes the residence options available if you plan to live on-campus and the meal plan options as well.
  • Area Information lists places to visit and is a good resource for the Rock Hill/Charlotte area.
  • Information for Parents and Families outlines why parents and family members should feel confident in sending their loved ones to Winthrop.
  • Student Perspectives are brief descriptions by current students of what Winthrop is to them.

Enrollment and Course Selection Instructions 

The International Center will work with the faculty at Winthrop University to assist you in registering for the classes you need to take while attending Winthrop.  Once you are fully admitted to Winthrop you will receive instructions from the International Center that will assist you in registering for courses.   Winthrop University will try to enroll you in your course preferences prior to your arrival.  If necessary, you can change your schedule of courses after you arrive on campus during the first week of classes.

Winthrop University’s Records and Registration office posts a list of course offerings for each semester at /recandreg/.  At this site you select Schedule of Courses from the side menu and then the semester that you plan to attend Winthrop University.  You are able to see courses offered, including each course’s number and title, during your exchange semester. If your semester is not yet listed, the previous Spring or Fall will give you a sense of what will be offered, but exact course offerings may change.

For easier reference note that courses are classified by number:

  • 101 - 299 = beginning courses, primarily for freshmen and sophomores;
  • 300 - 399 = intermediate courses, primarily for sophomores and juniors; require some background in the subject; often have prerequisite courses;
  • 400 - 499 = specialized courses, primarily for juniors and seniors; require significant background in the subject; usually have prerequisite courses;
  • 500 - 599 = advanced courses, primarily for juniors, seniors and graduate students;
  • 600 - 699 = advanced courses for graduate students only (listed in the Graduate Catalog)

Most courses above the 100 and 200 levels have prerequisites which must be satisfied before you can be enrolled in the course. A "pre-requisite" is a program or course that a student is required to complete before being permitted to enroll in a more advanced program or course. If you wish to enroll in a course that has prerequisites, the academic department will review your official transcript/academic record from your home institution to determine whether you have passed courses comparable in content to the Winthrop courses which are specified as a prerequisite. We suggest you choose courses in consultation with your home institution for ease of credit transfer.

To submit your request for courses please complete the Course Selection form.

Please note: It is vitally important to send an English translation of your transcript with your application.  Your English transcript should allow Winthrop to review and to see if you have taken the required prerequisite courses at your current school. 

As part of J-1 visa requirements, you must take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester, usually four (3 credit hour) courses. 

Mandatory Health Insurance

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement of all international students enrolled at Winthrop University.  For J-1 visa holders it is a requirement set by the US State Department in order to maintain your J-1 visa status. J-1 visa holders can either chose to purchase the Winthrop University Health Insurance policy, Lewermark Health Insurance, or specific policies provided by exchange partners. At the beginning of each semester, the University will allow students a period of time to enroll in or waive the Winthrop University Student Health Insurance Policy (SHIP). Winthrop health insurance is purchased for the fall semester in August and then spring and summer in January or can be purchased on an annual basis. Please contact the International Center for information on the minimum required benefits that must be covered by alternate insurance plans.

 For more information on the attending Winthrop University as a student from our partner schools contact the International Center.