Student Perspectives 

Winthrop University is home to an estimated 100 international students
from close to 40 different countries.

Winthrop is proud and honored to have hosted students from:

Algeria, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Finland, France, Ghana, Germany, Honduras, Iceland, Iran, Italy, Iraq, Japan, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

Our Students Say it Best!

Mingwei Zhu - Accounting student from China.

"As an international student, my time at Winthrop has been wonderful. At Winthrop, I make friends with Americans, study with them and work with them. I feel Winthrop's campus is very diverse and appreciates many different cultures. For example, I have a part-time job with Athletics where I operate the camera during basketball games. It is amazing to meet so many different people and during the game people can get T-shirts, pizza and other gifts based on how loud they cheer."  

Yang Wang - Accounting student from China.

"Winthrop University has its special personality. I feel like I am part of a warm family when studying in Winthrop University since everyone is so kind and helpful. The small classes offer me the opportunities to communicate with my professors so I can see what I can do to improve my academic performance. Here at Winthrop, I also enjoy the services of the Academic Success Center, Writing Center, Career Center, and International Center. I am grateful for the wonderful faculty here at Winthrop. As an international student from China, I feel at ease and comfortable studying here with their warm help. I will never forget my  wonderful experience at Winthrop University."

Eduard Minuci - Business student from Brazil.

"My experience at Winthrop has not only been educational, it has been life changing. Winthrop has made me realize the importance of community and engagement. Winthrop has provided me with opportunities to create connections and make friendships that I will carry for the rest of my life."

Tomas Brennan - MBA student from Ireland.

"As an International student here I have always felt welcome, and it has truly become my home away from home. While studying at Winthrop, student you get to not only explore the culture of the United States and 'the South' but you become educated about the world through friendships with fellow international and American students. There are many opportunities to go out to dinner with large groups of students. A wonderful moment for me was looking at a picture taken at a group dinner in a restaurant in Rock Hill and realizing that I had dinner with people from fifteen different countries."

Winthrop University is built on a strong tradition of academic excellence and achievement. If you are interested in communicating with a current international student to find out about their experiences as an international student at Winthrop University please contact the International Center.