Housing & Meals

Campus Housing 

Once you decide to come and study at Winthrop University you will then need to find a place to live while you are here.  The two options are to live "on-campus" in one of Winthrop University's Residence Halls or to live "off-campus" in a rented apartment or house. 

Freshman and sophomores have a two year commitment to live on campus. By living on campus, students have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish lifelong friendships, to participate in exciting activities and to feel truly connected to the University. The added convenience of living close to classes, dining and support services, make on-campus living at Winthrop the ideal environment to live, learn and lead. The campus is small and safe, so everything you need will be within easy walking distance.

Exceptions to the freshman and sophomore residency commitment may be made for married or non-traditional age freshman and for those who continue to live with parents or legal guardians while commuting to campus from 50 or fewer miles away. The residency requirement exemption must be formally approved by Residence Life prior to housing arrangements being made off-campus. 

If you choose to live off-campus, there are several apartment complexes located within walking distance to Winthrop.  If you need more information about off-campus accommodations please contact the  International Center.

Types of Residence Halls at Winthrop 

All of the items you need for living on or off-campus you can purchase once you arrive at Winthrop.  If you will live on-campus, it is our goal to get your housing assignment and packet to you prior to your arrival at Winthrop.  In this packet will be information on how to order bed-linens prior to your arrival if you are interested in doing so.  Also, there are several area stores such as Wal-Mart and Target where you can purchase the desired items. 

Please visit  Winthrop University's Residence Life Department for more information on the different residence halls and their amenities

Campus Dining 

When it comes to dining, Winthrop students have plenty of to choose from in all the campus' many dining locations. 

For cost information on rooms and meal plans you can contact the Department of Residence Life