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International Student Orientation
Student Health Services and Required Medical Form
Mandatory Health Insurance for International Students
Tuition and Fee Payments

International Student Orientation

At Winthrop, we not only recognize the inevitable challenges and rewards that international students encounter, but also the importance of empowering our students with the necessary knowledge and support for a culturally rich and academically successful experience in the U.S. Toward that end, Winthrop offers a comprehensive International Student Orientation, which provides our students with:

  • Transportation from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Winthrop;
  • Assistance with matters on getting settled, such as opening a bank account, trips to local stores, campus and Rock Hill tours, etc.;
  • Assistance with getting students' Winthrop e-mail address, ID card, validating health insurance coverage, checking into campus housing, etc.;
  • Important Information Sessions on academic expectations in an American university environment, your immigration responsibilities, safety and security on campus and in Rock Hill, health and counseling services offered to students attending Winthrop, etc.;
  • The opportunity to get acquainted with other students, people and places on campus and in the surrounding area.

Very important information concerning the International Student Orientation Program -

  • The International Center will provide you with Orientation dates in your admission packet.
  • International Orientation is MANDATORY for all international students new to Winthrop University;
  • International students are also required to attend Winthrop's Orientation for all new freshman and transfer students.
  • A$100 orientation fee will be charged to the Winthrop account of all new students at the beginning of the semester because of the required nature of the orientation.

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Student Health Services and Required Medical Form

Winthrop University students are entitled to basic health care services that are provided by Center for Student Wellness on campus. Most of the cost for using this on-campus facility is covered by your Winthrop tuition and fees. Office visits are offered at no charge. Some services, e.g., laboratory and medical supplies/procedures will incur a minimal fee. Please note, however, that costs for off-campus emergency treatment, ambulance transportation, procedures, prescriptions and laboratory tests are at an additional cost that you must pay separately.

Winthrop University requires all students enrolling in classes to have current immunizations. Information on what immunizations are required and recommended for all Winthrop students are listed under the Required Immunizations for Winthrop Students. You will not be able to enroll in classes until this completed form is received by our Health Center. Send your completed Medical and Immunization Form to The International Center of Winthrop University, 701 Oakland Avenue, 218 Dinkins Hall,Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA 29733 Phone 803/323-2133. We will make sure your form gets to the Health Center.

It is recommended that you take care of all your health requirements before traveling to the US, as it is probably more expensive here than it would be outside of the US. If Health Services does not receive a completed medical form before you arrive at Winthrop, you will need to have any incomplete immunizations administered during the International Student Orientation. The cost for these immunizations will be added to your Winthrop account. Because of the expense, it is strongly recommended that you have these tests and immunizations completed at home before traveling to the USA.

BCG Vaccine/Tuberculin (Tb) Skin Test

In many countries, students are given a BCG vaccine while they are in school. International students who have had the BCG vaccine may get a positive Tb skin test result. In this case, a chest x-ray must be taken and a physician's written report of the result must accompany the immunization requirement form. We strongly recommend that you have the chest x-ray done in your home country before you come to Winthrop to avoid the high cost of having the x-ray done in the USA.

Mandatory Health Insurance for International Students

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement of all international students enrolled at Winthrop University. Because all medical and dental treatment in the USA is private and very expensive, it is very important that everyone has insurance. Winthrop University requires all international students to maintain health insurance. All major universities have a similar requirement. The Winthrop University Student Health Insurance Plan ("Health Plan") offered by AIG insures the student against major expenses accompanying an accident, illness or hospitalization.

Either prior to your arrival or before the mandatory waiver period ends, you will need to notify the International Center about your decision on insurance coverage. You have two options (1) you can choose to enroll in Winthrop's insurance policy and we will assist you in enrolling and charge your student account for the cost of the Winthrop insurance policy or (2) you can provide information on your current insurance policy that meets the minimum standards of our policy. For information on the minimum standards contact the International Center. If you have your own insurance coverage that meets the University standards you can provide your policy information to the Winthrop Health Insurance provider and decline the Winthrop University insurance policy. Our insurance provider will verify that you have the required insurance and that it is a policy that covers you for either the semester or for the year. Winthrop does not accept insurance policies that require you to pay for month to month coverage. If you do not notify the International Center that you choose the Winthrop insurance or do not provide an alternate insurance for a waiver request you will automatically be enrolled in and charged for Winthrop's insurance plan shortly after the enrollment deadline ends.

More information on the mandatory health insurance requirement for international students please contact the International Center. You should be prepared to pay for the semester health insurance by the first day of classes.

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Tuition and Fee Payments

Detailed information on the Winthrop University policy for payment of tuition, room, meals, insurance and other fees will be updated byWinthrop University's Cashier's Office. This summary is intended to help international students and their families understand the options for payment.

During New Student Orientation, we will assist students in opening an account at a local bank. Banks such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo have branch offices in Rock Hill. When traveling to the U.S. and to Winthrop University it is not advisable to carry large amounts of cash with you. There are other options such as credit cards, traveler's checks and bank cards (also called debit cards), which are all valid form with which to pay for things in the U.S. We recommend you bring with you travelers checks in the amount of $250 to be used for personal expenses needed when you arrive. We also recommend, if possible, bringing around $100 USD in actual dollars to have if needed at airports, food vendors, etc. upon your immediate arrival in the U.S. We will assist you in opening a bank account during Orientation so that you can quickly deposit personal funds. Also, funds can wired into your personal account from anywhere in the world. Listed below are other payment options.

Payment Options

  • Credit card payments may be made using a secure online payment gateway.An additional fee of 2.75% of the total payment amount will be added to the charge when choosing the Credit Card payment option. The Cashier's Office will not accept credit card payments at the teller windows, by mail, e-mail or by telephone — only via the internet.
  • Note: Visa branded credit cards are not accepted for payments made for tuition or other university fees. Only American Express, Discover and MasterCard are accepted.
  • Money Orders, Cashiers Checks or Personal Checks on U.S. banks can be used at the University Cashier.
  • Wire Transfers directly to the University can be accepted but require contact via e-mail with the International Center to obtain necessary wiring instructions. It is recommended instead that you wire funds into the student's personal banking account and let the student pay with a personal check.
  • Students and parents will be able to make payments directly from any U.S. checking or savings account by using the new web payment option (Electronic Funds Transfer) with no additional charge, simply by entering the bank/financial institution routing and account numbers at the Cashiers Office. This recommended process is easy and involves no additional charge.
  • Winthrop will accept Cash, Money Order, Travelers Checks, Cashiers Check, Bank Drafts and Personal Checks on U.S. banks at the teller windows in the Cashier's Office, as well as check payments received in the mail. Checks should be made payable to Winthrop University.

If you have any questions about your travels to Winthrop University or Orientation contact the International Center.