Compensation Statement

Statements will be created each year in early February for all permanent FTE employees who had at least one pay check in the prior calendar year and are expecting to continue employment beyond March 1 of the current year.

    Total Compensation - all numbers provided are based on actual payments and contributions made in the prior calendar year.

      This number will be the gross pay for the prior calendar year. It may not match the number in Box 1 of your W-2 as that value is reduced by pre-tax and retirement contributions.

      All gross earnings can also be found on the Earnings section of the Employee Dashboard in Wingspan, using the Earnings by Date Range option.

      The amount paid by Winthrop is the total contributed to the retirement program on the employee's behalf. This amount may not match the amount contributed directly to an ORP recipient's retirement account. The total amounts can also be found in the Deduction History section of the Employee Dashboard in Wingspan.

      *Winthrop contributions to the SCRS pension are not credited directly to the employee's account and will not be visible in the employee's account on the PEBA website. Retirement savings are managed by PEBA; your personal retirement statement may be accessed from your PEBA Member Access account. 

      Employer contribution rates defined by PEBA.

      The totals represented include medical, basic dental, and dental plus contributions only. This does not include tobacco surcharge.

      This section consists of two parts.

      The total compensation encompasses the above areas: Gross pay + Retirement contribution + Health & Wellness contribution + Financial Protection contributions

    This page reflects all elections for benefits for the current/upcoming calendar year.

      This is the contribution amount planned for each pay period. For employees who do not work 12 months, insurance benefits are only taken during the contract period, while retirement contributions are made based on the actual pay date.

      You are automatically enrolled in Basic Life insurance at no cost if you enroll in health insurance. This policy provides $3,000 in coverage and includes a matching amount of Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance. Eligible active employees may elect coverage for their dependents through the Optional Life plan. For more information, visit PEBA's website.

      You are automatically enrolled in Basic Long Term Disability at no cost if you enroll in health insurance. The maximum benefit is $800 per month. Eligible active employees may elect more coverage for additional protection through the Supplemental Long Term Disability option. For more information, visit PEBA 's website.

      Many other reasons to continue to choose Winthrop are listed on the Amenities and Services area of the HR Website

Any questions may be directed to the Office of Human Resources by e-mail to or by phone at 803/323-2273.