Campus Safety Training

Campus Safety Training (CST) is our annual platform for education and prevention training.

At Winthrop University, we pride ourselves on working together to create a safe and healthy student environment. To foster this environment, all students, regardless of age, sex, or degree status, are required to participate in online training annually and to review and acknowledge the university’s policies.  The Campus Safety program materials are catered to fit the student based on their degree status and years at Winthrop. There are also additional videos for international students, student-athletes, and other special populations.

If you are a NEW student, please do not try to login to the Vector portal until after July 15th for the Fall semester, after December 15th for the Spring semester, and after May 15th for the Summer semester. During the Fall semester all students will be assigned their programs and any new students throughout the year will be assigned as registered.

All Students are assigned the Policy Acknowledgement Course each year, as well as the following:

Undergraduates will complete two programs each year. The first: Sexual Violence Prevention for Undergraduate Students, will provide a reality-driven course through interactive multimedia that educates new undergraduate students (returning undergraduates will get a *Refresher course) about: consent & sexual assault; bystander intervention; dating & domestic violence; healthy relationships; sexual harassment; stalking; what to do if...and a final assessment. The second course: Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention, addresses the impact that alcohol and other drugs have on your GPA, your brain, your relationships, and your life.  The program also teaches successful strategies for handling dangerous situations related to these substances.  Again, returning students will receive a *refresher course related to alcohol and drug use.

Graduates will complete the Sexual Violence Prevention for Graduate Students will provide a reality-driven course designed to educate new graduate students (returning graduates will get a refresher course) about consent, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, as well as the realities of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and more.

New International students are also required to complete the Title IX Essentials for International Students.

Athletes & Fraternity/Sorority Life students will have to complete the Hazing Awareness & Prevention for Students module.

*Refresher courses (returning Grads and Undergrads) will review the knowledge you gained through previous training to help refresh these important concepts.  

Deadlines: Failure to complete these course requirements may result in conduct charges as compliance is required by Winthrop.  Please pay special attention to the designated deadlines.

  • Fall - September 30th
  • Spring - March 29   
  • Summer - July 30th

Program Instructions

A score of 80% or higher is necessary to pass. Each training will give you the option to retry assessment until you achieve this score and it will allow you to review the program videos before you retake the final assessment. Failure to complete the program may result in a registration hold on your account.

Step 1: Click on link to Vector Solutions at:

Step 2: Enter your Winthrop Student credentials (F/S and alumni email do not work) as if you are logging in to email or Wingspan. If you are F/S and a student, please be sure you have a student email address. For a new student email account click here:

Step 3: You will arrive on the Vector Solutions landing page where you will see all course listings for which you are required to take. Follow the instructions provided. You may complete the programs in several sittings without having to start over. You may also access the link and view compliance information under the Campus Safety Training channel in Wingspan.

If you have any technical difficulties with the programs, please contact Vector Solutions through the program HELP button or at If you have difficulty logging in with your student credentials, please contact Winthrop's help desk. For general questions regarding this university requirement, please contact Amy Sharpe at (803) 323-4503 or

The training contains sensitive material involving sexual and interpersonal violence.  While trigger warnings and resources are provided throughout the program, we understand such programming may be challenging for some viewers.  Please contact Amy Sharpe at to discuss alternatives.

Report An Incident

If you are aware of a situation that has taken place on campus that needs to be reported, please go to the Report An Incident page to complete the appropriate report.