Student Publications

The Anthology

The Anthology is an outlet for student literature and art. The magazine is published each April and is followed by a publication party to celebrate its release. Staff meeting times vary but are more frequent in spring. Staff may take trips to awards banquets. Membership is not limited by major.

2020 Anthology Online (.com)

The Johnsonian

The Johnsonian is a weekly student newspaper designed to inform the campus and community of what is going on at Winthrop. The paper provides students with hands-on skills which can be applied in many fields. Staff meets weekly.

Read The Johnsonian online.

The Roddey McMillan Record

The Roddey McMillan Record is a monthly student newspaper that promotes awareness and understanding of issues concerning minorities for the betterment of the entire Winthrop community. Staff meets weekly and attends journalism conferences and a training retreat.
Read The Roddey McMillian Record Online (.com)

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