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Student Conduct

Reporting an Incident

The Department of Student Affairs separates the university's reporting structure into the categories listed below.  If you have questions or concerns about whether or not a behavior is a violation, which report to use, or need assistance or consultation while completing a reporting form, please contact us at 803.323.4503. If there is an immediate emergency please call Winthrop University Police at 803.323.3333 or 911.

Report a Non-Academic Violation

Click on this link to report non-academic violations.  Non-Academic violations include any behavior that is not related to an allegation of cheating or plagiarism (e.g. alcohol, drugs, harassment, vandalism, disorderly conduct, etc.). If you have questions about whether a behavior is considered a violation, please contact the Dean of Student's Office at 803/323.4503.

Report Relationship Violence, Sexual Misconduct or Stalking

Please click on this link  to report Relationship Violence, Sexual Misconduct, or Stalking.  If you are a Winthrop Employee, you are required to report relationship violence, sexual misconduct, or stalking to the University.

Report Concerning, Worrisome, or Threatening Behaviors

Please click on this link to report Concerning, Worrisome, or Threatening Behaviors. We encourage you to report any behavior that concerns you!

Below are some examples of concerning behavior:

  • Unusual or abrupt changes in appearance, behaviors or patterns
  • A decline in personal hygiene
  • Extreme reaction to a loss or traumatic event
  • Uncharacteristically poor performance
  • Evidence of depression, hopelessness, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts
  • Dramatic weight loss or weight gain
  • References to harming others or planning a violent or destructive event
  • Preoccupation with weapons, violent events, or persons who have engaged in violent acts
  • Impaired speech or garbled, disjointed thoughts
  • Alcohol or other drug use
  • Inappropriate responses such as prolonged irritability, angry outbursts, or intense reactions
  • Writings or comments related to violence or self-harm
  • Significant change in life circumstances such as loss of job or relationship
  • Emotions (e.g., fearfulness, tearfulness, or nervousness) displaying to an extreme degree or for prolonged periods
  • Strained interpersonal relations or isolating behaviors

Report a Non-Academic Complaint

Please click on this link to file a Non-Academic Complaint.

Last Updated: 8/1/19