Counseling Services


Training Experiences

Individual Clients

Counseling Services currently has a 10-session limit per academic year for both individual and couples counseling. Although there is some flexibility in terms of numbers and types of clients seen, interns will carry a caseload of 20 or more clients including two long-term cases and conduct a minimum of two intake sessions each week.

Individual Supervision

Senior staff will provide at least one hour of face-to-face supervision per week. Trainees are required to video-record their sessions and submit recordings to their supervisor (recording equipment is provided onsite). Supervision includes client case conceptualization and management, exploration of therapeutic relationship dynamics, goal setting, and treatment planning. Interns may have the chance to work with more than one supervisor throughout the one year tenure. Rotation takes place at mid-year.

Peer Supervision/Case Conference

Trainees will meet once a week with senior staff members to discuss cases in peer supervision.  Trainees may consult with any senior staff member about personal or client-related cases outside the designated individual and/or group supervision times.  Interns are required to prepare and present one formal end-of-year presentation to all senior staff members on a mental health topic of their choosing.

Psychological Assessment

Interns will be trained on a battery of psychometric scales. Interns will be assigned to complete a comprehensive psychological evaluation and present the full report to the principal supervisor at the end of the internship year.

Campus Outreach

Interns have the opportunity to be involved in outreach programs on various topics, as well as to consult with faculty and staff on different issues. Examples of outreach we typically conduct are anxiety and depression screening, health and wellness fairs, eating disorders awareness week activities, and campus-wide orientation.  Additionally, counseling services staff present to academic classes and student leaders (Resident Assistants, Peer Mentors, etc.) on a variety of training topics.

Additional Activities

Group Therapy

If available, trainees may elect to co-lead structured groups with a senior staff member. Trainees who co-lead groups will receive one additional hour of supervision per week.  Opportunities may be available to intern to co-lead support groups in other Center for Student Wellness departments (ODS, HS, OVA).

Campus Activities and Organizations

To learn more about how the Center for Student Wellness fits within the greater campus community, Interns have the opportunity to be involved in campus activities. For example, trainees may elect to serve as a liaison to one of the many campus clubs or become involved in campus committees such as Wellness Council or Wellness Awareness Committee.

Paperwork and Case Management

Time is built in trainee's schedule for paperwork, impromptu case consultation, and other administrative duties. It is essential that paperwork is kept up to date at all times.  Counseling Services uses a computerized practice management system and electronic health record, so Interns will gain experience with this technology. 

Trainee Evaluation

At the end of each semester, the trainee's primary supervisor will evaluate his/her performance in all areas of training. Performance evaluation will be discussed by a senior staff committee to ensure that ethical and clinical standards are being maintained and trainee's expectations are being met. Trainee will evaluate primary supervisor at the end of each year.