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All conversations, examinations, and interviews with students are covered by state law and ethics of confidentiality. In emergency cases, where life or limb is threatened, the policy of confidentiality will be governed by one of reasonableness and accepted statutes. A student's permission must be given by written consent before Health Services can release specific medical information or any portion of a medical record including releases to parents, university officials, and external agencies.

Notice of Privacy Practices (pdf - 61.38 KB)

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Eligibility for Services

The Center for Student Wellness fee is $220.00 per regular semester. This fee is assessed to undergraduate students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours and graduate students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours. Students not assessed this required fee, e.g., undergraduates taking under 6 credit hours and graduates under 9 credit hours, may access all regular Center for Student Wellness by paying the $220 per regular semester fee. Summer students may access Center for Student Wellness since all fees are rolled into the regular summer credit hour fee. Office visits are offered at no charge. Some services, e.g., laboratory, medical supplies/procedures, will incur a minimal fee.

Students who currently pay No health fee and are Not eligible for Center for Student Wellness:

  •  Students who are senior citizens
  •  Students who are Winthrop University employees
  •  Students taking special courses
  •  Students studying abroad

*Requirements for immunizations must be met before utilizing Health Services regardless of any of the above scenarios.

*Students who are pregnant will not be treated in Health Services. They will be referred to their primary physician, obstetrician, urgent care center or ER for care.

In the summer, students not taking classes but registered for the previous and following semesters may use Health Services if the requirements for immunizations, as stated above, have been met. A $10 fee per visit will be charged. The student is responsible for any other charges incurred. All charges are billed to the student's account as "Health Services" and are due upon receipt of service.