Counseling Services

Telemental Health Services

If you are…

  • A Winthrop student working, interning, or commuting and can’t get to campus during office hours
  • An online-only Winthrop student living in North Carolina or South Carolina
  • An Winthrop education student in student teaching
  • A weekend only grad student

…you may be a good fit for telemental health services at Winthrop University!

Telemental health (via Zoom) uses a secure video conference to provide counseling sessions with licensed professionals in the privacy and convenience of your home. Like on-campus counseling, it comes at no extra cost to students and is specially designed for students who are not on campus during the 9-5 work day.  All Counselors are able to offer Telemental health.  When you schedule, be sure to ask for or select Telemental Health as your appointment type. (Scheduling an Appointment)

    In order to receive online counseling services through Winthrop University:

    1. The student must be located in North or South Carolina at the time of the session.
    2. The student must have paid the Center for Student Wellness fee. 
    3. The student must be currently enrolled at Winthrop University.

    Students are required to be alone in a private location for the duration of all videoconferencing sessions, just as would be expected for a face-to-face therapy session.  One of the benefits of video-conferencing is being able to have sessions in your own residence; however, it is important to maintain appropriate dress during sessions.  Full coverage tops and bottoms (shorts, pants, skirts, etc.) are required at each session.  Students are not allowed to wear bathrobes during sessions.

    To participate in Telemental health (TMH), you will need a computer or laptop, with a camera for videoconferencing and speakers.  You will need a good internet connection.  In addition, it is helpful to have a tablet or smart phone for the homework, but this can be done on a computer or paper.  While TMH is very effective and well-liked by most users, some people do not feel comfortable with technology or with remote treatment.  If you find that this just is not working for you, please talk with your counselor about this and we will help you to transfer to another mode of support.

    All clients should log onto the Patient Portal the day of their scheduled appointment to complete their necessary paperwork.

    Timeliness is important and students will be expected to log on to the TMH video-conferencing session 5 minutes prior to the beginning of their session.  The therapist will log on at the time of the session.  The 24 hour cancellation policy remains in effect for TMH and any student who doesn’t cancel 24 hours before their appointment or is a no show to their appointment will be charged a no-show fee that is assessed to your Winthrop account. 

    Not all students are appropriate for a telemental health model of counseling.  If you are experiencing current or recurrent thoughts of harm to yourself or others, telemental health is not an appropriate treatment modality for you.  Please contact us if you need assistance from the case manager to work with you to create a more appropriate care plan to address your acute needs.  Determining if a student is appropriate for telemental health is at the sole discretion of the Counseling Services department.