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Graduate Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ questionI'm an MAT student.  What does it mean to apply to the Teacher Education Program?

 Students seeking an initial teaching license must be formally admitted to the Teacher FAQ answerEducation Program.  You can apply after you have completed 12 hours of course work with at least a 3.0 GPA.  Read more about the Teacher Education Program.

FAQ questionI am in a cohort that meets off campus.  Can I check out materials from the Dacus Library

FAQ answerYes.  Any student admitted to any degree program has full access to all campus resources.

FAQ questionDo I have to take the GRE for admission

FAQ answerDifferent programs have different admission requirements.  Consult the Graduate Catalog for specifics on your program or contact the Graduate Studies office.

FAQ questionWhat is a Program of Studies

FAQ answerYour Program of Studies (POS) is a degree checklist that details the classes you need to take before graduation.  You fill this out in consultation with your academic advisor.

FAQ questionCan I change my Program of Studies?

FAQ answerYes. Consult your advisor to file an official change form with Records and Registration.

FAQ questionWhen I applied, I had a registration hold placed on me.  What does this mean

FAQ answerA registration hold means that we are awaiting official confirmation of a document that we need to fully admit you.  This may mean that we have seen unofficial transcripts or test scores but are waiting for the official copies to be sent the Graduate School.

FAQ questionHow long does it take to be admitted to graduate school

FAQ answerOnce all of your materials have been submitted, we can make an admissions decision within a week, assuming the required people are on campus. It can take several weeks for official test scores and transcripts to show up, so you should plan accordingly.

FAQ questionCan I transfer in other graduate credits

FAQ answerYes. Assuming the hours are appropriate for your degree, you may transfer in up to 12 graduate hours from previous graduate study.  Consult your advisor for more information.

FAQ questionHow can I find out who my advisor is

FAQ answerIf you log into Wingspan, your advisor should be listed there.  You can also find a list of graduate advisors in the College of Education on our Advising page.

FAQ questionWhat financial aid is available to me as a graduate student

FAQ answerFinancial aid for graduate students at Winthrop University usually consists of student loans, modest scholarship awards, or graduate assistantships. Financial aid is available for students fully admitted into a degree program. Students admitted as Graduate Non Degree (GND) are not eligible for financial aid. Students registered for at least 6 semester hours are eligible to apply for student loans.  Read more about Financial Aid at Winthrop University.  Additionally, the College of Education can provide limited financial assistance in the form of Graduate Assistantships, Winthrop Graduate Scholarships, and named scholarships.

FAQ questionWhat is a Graduate Assistantship (GA) position

FAQ answerGraduate Assistantships (GA) pay for 9 semester hours (full time for a graduate student), and a small stipend.  Typical stipends are $1750 a semester, though they may be different depending on the assignment.  This requires that a student work 20 hours a week for the university in a capacity determined by the assistantship.

FAQ questionHow do I apply for a GA position?

FAQ answerPlease visit the Winthrop University Human Resources Student Employment page to apply for a Graduate Assistantship.  The application may then be applied to positions available in the COE.  The COE departments needing a GA will post positions on the people admin system.  All Winthrop University departments hiring Graduate Assistants will use that database to choose GAs.  Find out who to contact about an assistantship.

FAQ questionWhere do I get my Winthrop ID

FAQ answerWinthrop student identification cards are issued by the Technology Services Office in McBryde Hall Room 1 upon a student's initial enrollment.  The first ID card is free; replacement ID cards are $10 each.  All students are required to have an identification card.  ID cards are non-transferable and must be presented to appropriate university officials upon request.  The Technology Services Office hours are from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm for the fall and spring semesters and 8:00 am until 6:00 pm for summer sessions.  For specific questions concerning ID cards, contact the Technology Services Office, 803/323-4774.

FAQ questionWhere do I park for classes

FAQ answerParking is available in student lots immediately adjacent to Withers Hall (where most education classes are held) and the West Center (where most Physical Education classes are held).  Specific information on parking from the campus police site follows. A parking permit is required.  Read more about parking on campus.

Last Updated: 1/6/23