Graduate Studies


Every graduate student is assigned an academic advisor at the point of admissions. You will work with your advisor to plan an appropriate course of study. Every degree program has an established set of classes. You can check your degree requirements by using the "Degree Works" tool located in Wingspan. You and your advisor will meet regularly to make sure you are making appropriate progress to graduation. Your advisor can help you with a number of things including transferring in previous graduate course work and substituting course work should you need to.

During each semester, Winthrop University has an advisement period. Your advisor will contact you and let you know when this time will be. Advisement procedures differ from advisor to advisor, but typically, advisement is done by individual appointment in person. Working from your "Degree Works" tool, you should have consulted the course offerings before meeting with your advisor and be prepared to let them know what courses you plan to take. Your advisor will need to review your proposed course selections and clear you for registration using Wingspan. You cannot register until you have been cleared by your advisor.

Graduate Advisors

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