Key Info for New CESHS Eagles

The College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences faculty and staff are excited you will be a CESHS Eagle. We are communicating regularly to your e-mail address so make sure you are checking that at least two or three times each week.

Below are some resources by major that we have also shared or will share by e-mail. Make sure you have reviewed this information. If you have questions please make sure you have searched the resources sent by e-mail, shared by admissions, posted on the web, and communicated by orientation staff. If you have a question not already answered please e-mail and one of the staff will direct your question appropriately.



    Financial Aid

    Orientation information from university.

    Residence Life for information on housing.

      Post-Orientation Consultations for Transfer Students

      Orientation Questionnaire for Transfer Students

      First Flight Follow-up Questionnaire...Remember, you must first attend first flight and check below for more information!

      We will add options for meeting virtually with us during or immediately after Eagles Landing in late July.  Check back.


      New students may alter schedules in Wingspan beginning August 2nd. The schedule of classes you currently have is intended to help you graduate on time. Therefore, we will only make schedule changes for extenuating circumstances such as or similar to a change of major or missed transfer credit. After First Flight students can complete the First Flight Follow-up Questionnaire.

      After you attend Eagles Landing... changing time of day is acceptable, but review the essential class information below before dropping a course. Procedures can be reviewed here.

      First check information on your specific scholarship as the vast majority require 30 credits each year, so 14 credits in the fall and 16 credits in the spring is acceptable and can be desirable as having a slightly lighter load in the first semester can help ensure that your GPA is also strong. Check out Financial Aid as there are many helpful links for more information.

      Please always refer directly to information provided by residence life:

      Currently there are a number of common computer labs on campus with desktops available for student use, but many students find it is helpful to have a laptop so they can work in several locations. There is no specified platform for personal computers.

      The University does have some discounts with various vendors for hardware and software to consider when purchasing. You may also find the FAQs from Academic Computing Division helpful in personal considerations.

      The Master of Arts in Teaching degree is a graduate program. Certainly undergraduate students can plan for this after graduation, but the teacher education program suggests that you explore that with your advisor, program director, or a member of the SAS staff once you have arrived at Winthrop and have started in your program. Our degree programs can be completed in four years, so we would like to discuss what is best for your future plans.

      Transfer students or new freshmen with more than 45 hours of credits at admission may want to explore this path within the first semester or feel free to schedule a time to chat this summer (Post-Orientation Consultations).

      Students may have a car on campus; however, they must register their vehicles with the Winthrop University Police Department and pay a small fee for a parking pass each year.

      All programs in the college have off campus field expectations. During the first year or two, most off campus expectations allow for carpooling, so although it may be convenient to have a personal vehicle there are ways to accommodate travel for required academic expectations. By years three and four the need for personal transportation becomes more important. Although it is not impossible to use other means to reach field locations, planning is extremely important.

      Check out on campus dining information and the City of Rock Hill Bus System.

      To help you get off to a good start this fall, SAS in collaboration with your program have selected key courses that will help you stay on track for graduation. However, after this first schedule, you will build your schedule and register yourself at specified times. You will have the opportunity to meet with an advisor to ask questions, registration is a key topic in ACAD 101, and SAS will be hosting some drop in help sessions so watch social media, your e-mail, and announcement boards in Withers and West Center. You can also check out your degree plan with a sample four year plan.

      Please complete the First Flight Follow-up Questionnaire and someone will be in touch ASAP. Remember to check you Winthrop e-mail!

      Short answer is absolutely.

      We send out reminders of upcoming deadlines, highlight faculty/staff/students/alums, announce events, etc.

      Insta: @RWR_COE

      Facebook: @RWR_COE

      Twitter: WinthropCOE

      This is a tricky question because students can theoretically make adjustments from Eagles Landing through the end of the first flight.  But the schedule you see in Wingspan under concise student schedule is official, you are enrolled.  

      Please see Schedule Change above for more information.

      Hopefully you listed Winthrop as a score recipient.  If you did Winthrop will receive all your scores in July. You can find some information at: or contact Admissions.

      The institution that awarded the credit (not your high school) will need to send an official transcript. Typically you can search on the institution's website for "transcript request" and you will be able to find directions.

       Have the transcript sent to:

      Winthrop University

      Office of Admissions
      Joynes Hall
      Rock Hill, SC 29733, USA
      800/Winthrop (946-8476)
      803/323-4952 (Fax)


      Hear about inspiring, creating, and imagining from Dr. Tenisha Powell and some very special guests.

      The elementary faculty create a team environment for our majors. See and learn more here.

      Meet faculty from our exercise science program as they offer advise for freshman and transfers.

      HDFS is our most flexible and interdisciplinary degree program. Learn more about the program and your first year at Winthrop with Dr. Adrienne Edwards.

      Dr. Stacy Martin and two of our current majors will talk about their experiences and the program.

      Faculty and students provide insight into becoming a physical education teacher.

      The special education faculty team discuss why Winthrop will be a good fit.

      Dr. Jason Chung program director in sport management provides advice on getting involved and typical first year coursework.

      Hear from faculty in our Education Core Department.

      Dr. Beth Costner welcomes our new transfer students in all programs.

      Student Academic Services provides an overview of the college, offers a few tips, and talks about what is happening in summer 2021.

    Each program has created a guide for the essential courses new freshman need in the first semester.  Note that dual enrollment and AP/IB credit may impact this, so if you have questions please contact us at and some will reach out.

    Review these before changing courses already in your schedule.

    Early Childhood Education (PDF - 800 KB)

    Elementary Education (PDF - 795 KB)

    Exercise Science (All options) (PDF - 785 KB)

    Human Development and Family Studies (All options) (PDF - 330 KB)

    Middle Level Education (All options) (PDF - 800 KB)

    Physical Education (PDF - 790 KB)

    Special Education (PDF - 790 KB)

    Sport Management (PDF - 200 KB)