College of Business Administration Collaborates with the Town of Fort Mill Economic Partners to Extend the Carolina Thread Trail

August 27, 2021


  • BADM 381: Service Learning and Leadership is one of the College's High Impact Practice classes. 
  • The courses are being taught by Dr. Nicholas Moellman - Assistant Professor of Economics and Dr. Danko Tarabar - Associate Professor of Economics. 

Carolina Thread Trail

YORK COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA - The College of Business Administration's Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics, is partnering with the Town of Fort Mill Economic Partners (FMEP) to research and develop a plan to extend The Carolina Thread Trail. The Carolina Thread Trail is a network of outdoor nature trails and greenways throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

An opportunity to gain relevant experience that will have a great local impact, students in two BADM 381: Service Learning and Leadership courses are preparing to collect information, analyze data, and network with local leaders. Students will also research the economic impact that the trail will have in the community.

The new trail will connect Anne Springs Close Greenway, Downtown Fort Mill, and River Walk. Although in the early planning phases, locals are excited about the increase in outdoor recreational activities.

LeAnne Burnett Morse, Executive Director of the FMEP, said, “ I can tell you that from anecdotal information that we have, greenways, trails, and those kind of recreational opportunities factor in very, very, highly when businesses look at where they would like to locate their headquarters. They also have an economic impact you wouldn’t expect.”

Dr. Nicholas Moellman, Assistant Professor of Economics, helped to create the plan for students to participate in the study. He said, “This is a really great chance for our students to get some hands-on experience. And not only hands-on experience, but experience that will be relevant to them as future business professionals, and hopefully future local leaders.”

The collaboration has been featured on three area news outlets: WRHI, CN2, and HeraldOnline.

For more information or to inquire about ways to partner with the College of Business Administration, contact Director of External Relations, Celeste Tiller, at