Winthrop University: Whitton Executive Series

Whitton Executive Series

Elaine Whitton Davis '73 and Winthrop University's College of Business Administration have announced a series of training seminars for business leaders. Sponsored by Davis, the Whitton Executive Series was developed to provide free or low-cost access to current state of the art knowledge relevant to business practice.


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Whitton Executive Series:  FRAUD

Whitton Executive Series: FRAUD 

Stolen Without A Gun: Life as Inmate 52071-019

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Networking Reception
Macfeat House (adjacent to Carroll Hall)

Whitton Auditorium-Vivian M. Carroll Hall

Featuring: Walter Pavlo

Walt Pavlo provides a transparent and insightful talk on his experience as a senior manager at MCI Telecommunications (later became WorldCom).  He managed nearly $1 billion in monthly billing and receivables for the company's resale division.  When a business strategy to target high-return customers failed, he and a group of young MBAs devised a plan to "make the numbers."  After a short while, this evolved into a $6 million embezzlement scheme.  Pavlo's story is one of the dangers of the slippery slope, tone at the top and consequences for making the wrong decisions.  

Register Now (Free Admission)

Register online or contact Celeste Tiller, Director of External Relations, 803.323.2504.



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