WInthrop Flight Plan - Preparing for College

Preparing for College 

The Winthrop Flight Plan is a guide for high school students, their parents and guidance counselors that provides at each high school grade level to help them prepare for college. With so many options for students after high school, it’s important to help them prepare for their road to finding, applying and enrolling in the college that best fits them.

Every effective plan has a checklist to prepare for success. The Winthrop Flight is organized by high school grade levels with suggestions on points to consider for each appropriate age.  Even students who just made the transition from middle to high school should start considering ways to preparing for the college admission process. In addition, we have created guides for parents, high school counselors, and transfer students, keeping in mind that these are unique groups of people in the admissions process. The Winthrop Flight Plan is a tool we hope will help you navigate in preparing you for college. Choose your path below:

High School Freshmen Guidance Counselors
 High School Sophomores  Parents and Guardians
 High School Juniors  Transfer Students
 High School Seniors  Middle School Students